Hesitations/Bike Paradise

First off, we are writing this in the middle of the night because jet lag sucks (but totally worth it). Leading up to the departure, we both had our our individual stresses. Here's a post I wrote when I was packing:

It’s not always pretty...

I’m taking a break from packing my bag. Or should I say my two rear pannier bags (about the size of two medium backpacks). My underestimation of the amount of space I am going to have, and trying to widdle my pile down to just a few items of clothing is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. My doubts of how I am going to be able to fit everything is turning into doubting other aspects of the trip-  am I really going to be able to do this? Why did I think this was a good idea? What am I coming back to? And gradually it leads to even more dramatic thoughts- what if I never see the items I’m leaving behind again because I die in catastrophic bike accident? What if I can’t keep up with Joe? What if we get super angry at each other?

As I turn into a tornado of “What ifs” and start to consider writing a will in case I die- I stop myself. Why before a trip do I always get nervous and consider all the negative things that could happen, and don’t find myself in a tornado of happy thoughts of all the awesome things that could happen? I keep getting the comments that I am brave for quitting my job and buying a one way ticket somewhere, but I don’t always feel brave. There are times where I’m actually scared as fuck and totally doubting myself. However, when I have these moments, I remind myself of why travel is important to me (which will be a blog post at some point). Yes, it requires confidence, but it also requires you totally doubting yourself because then you know you are being challenged- you know there is potential for growth, transition, and change. Why would I want to remain the same person everyday when there are a thousand different ways to live it, to experience during our short 80 years on this planet? -09/17/16

Our first impressions of Denmark are limited- we rode 12 miles straight from the airport to our AirBnB and immediately passed out. However, during the bike ride, we were able to go through downtown. Our first impressions:

1) Copenhagen is bike paradise! Bike lanes are ubiquitous and luxurious compared to the US (yes, even Portland), and everyone seems to be aware and support bikers. Seriously- there were moments we were at stop lights and there would be at least 50 bikers within sight.

2) Nobody seems to lock their bikes up here! We passed rows and rowsof apartments buildings and restaurants, with lines of bikes along them and you'd maybe see one bike loosely locked up with a easily hack-able lock. I took a mental note to ask people about this while we are here.

3) There are more bike shops here than black people...by a lot. We saw two besides Joe, but bike shops- every two blocks.

We'll see what the next few days bring...